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  • Thoughts on Communion

    Thoughts on Communion

    I do appreciate participating in Holy Communion at Church on Sundays. I find with my condition and unemployment I am stigmatised and demonised by much of the media and thus society. Confessing our sins each week at Communion helps me let go of such negativity and ill feeling. Eating the bread and drinking the wine…

  • Typical Days

    Typical Days

    I had a nice day today. Exactly what I needed. I went for a short walk and stayed alone at home. Watched Television, mainly dogs, The Simpsons and sometimes news on in background. I did reading of CS Lewis in Christianity. Will do some Bible reading shortly and prayers. That’s how most of my days…

  • Hidden Suicide?

    Hidden Suicide?

    I have often blogged about my own episodes of psychosis, autism and mental illness experiences on Twitter and on this blog. The people I follow and naturally the algorithm serves up news of other peoples death by suicide, neglect or other reasons. Quite often I have noticed people that have killed themselves have had their…

  • Austerity and Stoicism

    Austerity and Stoicism

    Since the banking crisis of 2008, times have became increasingly more difficult for many people in Britain and the world. Since 2010 the “free at the point of use” NHS has declined as a health service where it is no longer number 1 in the world for many categories. The NHS waiting list was around…

  • The Rich and AI

    The Rich and AI

    For a very long time the three factors of production in classical economics were Land or natural resources, Labour and Capital. Today the four factors for production in a modern economy are Land, Labour, Capital and Entrepreneurship. Marx had similar views to the classical economists. Since the late 20th Century much automation has removed the…

  • A Middle Class Closed Shop

    A Middle Class Closed Shop

    I was born in a Working Class family. My grandparents and parents were Working Class who lived in council houses before they bought him. Research of my family tree suggests many before me were brick layers and factory workers. When I was growing up it was clear to me as technology became more automated that…

  • My Prayer Life

    My Prayer Life

    I had an atheist upbringing. Although my late Mother was brought up as Catholic she chose not to go to Church once she wasn’t forced to by her Mother. It’s not to say I knew nothing about religion, I did Religious studies at school and some of Mothers values passed down were Christian. It was…

  • Surviving


    [7 Part Twitter Thread] Surviving can be defined as continuing to live or exist in spite of (an accident or ordeal). As someone with a diagnosis of Autism and Schitzoaffective Disorder surviving is what I seem to excel at. It has taken me time but I have learnt to accept survival is the best I…

  • Worthy


    [6 Part Twitter Thread] A big part of my life was trying to be worthy. Today many in society measure worth in terms of how much money you have or what job title you have. I have had jobs in the past experiencing burnout and breakdown.As the occupation I was trained in become less accessible…


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I’m Shaun, aged 39, I am a follower of Christ, diagnosed with Autism in 2019 and have experienced mental distress in my life. In this blog I discuss my reality, beliefs and interests. When you meet one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism.

Been to Aldi and got my usual burger and chips but I won’t eat it today. I put a pre-made dinner from freezer to fridge last night in case I wasn’t up Aldi today. Got some ice buns though so having a late tea break. Hopefully things will return to normal now.

Managed to cook that chicken breast that had today’s use by date. So got 3x tikka meals for ‘Shaun of the Future’ done.

One thing I think people with mental illness and/or autism need to be organised nowadays with documentation. I had a collection of documents of consultant psychiatrist discharge summaries from my section of the last 10 years. Plus autism diagnostic summaries.

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