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  • Beholding


    I’ve read 4 chapters of my Christian book ‘Beholding‘. It was a struggle initially as the author kept trying to make the point that God and prayer shouldn’t be a transactional relationship. I had no issues with this as I’ve become less pleased with the greed of capitalism. I don’t like transactional relationships at all…

  • A Thank you Poem to my Twitter Friends

    A Thank you Poem to my Twitter Friends

    Here is a a Thank You poem I wrote for Easter to my Twitter friends using ChatGPT (AI). Once more, I write with grateful heart,For followers who play their part.On Easter’s day, you’re my crew,With tweets that help me start anew. Promethazine, you recommend,And Star Trek episodes to mend.In times of crisis, dark and deep,Your…

  • Reflections on Anti-psychotics

    Reflections on Anti-psychotics

    I was thinking what it’s like being on a high dose of anti-psychotics to a low dose/none. I am different between both. On a low dose I have a sense of adventure and push myself too hard. Sometimes I feel bulletproof and have to be careful of not pushing myself to crashing. On a higher…

  • A Poem about me

    A Poem about me

    A poem I wrote about me using ChatGPT (AI) In Southend-on-Sea, by the rolling tide,Lives a man named Shaun, with Star Trek pride.A collection vast, on shelves displayed, DVDs and Blu-rays, a media parade.Each Sunday morn, as bells do chime,He finds his peace, in sacred time.Communion bread, the wine so fine,A moment’s pause, divine and…

  • Thoughts on Communion

    Thoughts on Communion

    I do appreciate participating in Holy Communion at Church on Sundays. I find with my condition and unemployment I am stigmatised and demonised by much of the media and thus society. Confessing our sins each week at Communion helps me let go of such negativity and ill feeling. Eating the bread and drinking the wine…

  • Typical Days

    Typical Days

    I had a nice day today. Exactly what I needed. I went for a short walk and stayed alone at home. Watched Television, mainly dogs, The Simpsons and sometimes news on in background. I did reading of CS Lewis in Christianity. Will do some Bible reading shortly and prayers. That’s how most of my days…

  • Hidden Suicide?

    Hidden Suicide?

    I have often blogged about my own episodes of psychosis, autism and mental illness experiences on Twitter and on this blog. The people I follow and naturally the algorithm serves up news of other peoples death by suicide, neglect or other reasons. Quite often I have noticed people that have killed themselves have had their…

  • Austerity and Stoicism

    Austerity and Stoicism

    Since the banking crisis of 2008, times have became increasingly more difficult for many people in Britain and the world. Since 2010 the “free at the point of use” NHS has declined as a health service where it is no longer number 1 in the world for many categories. The NHS waiting list was around…

  • The Rich and AI

    The Rich and AI

    For a very long time the three factors of production in classical economics were Land or natural resources, Labour and Capital. Today the four factors for production in a modern economy are Land, Labour, Capital and Entrepreneurship. Marx had similar views to the classical economists. Since the late 20th Century much automation has removed the…


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About me:

I’m Shaun, aged 39, I am a follower of Christ, diagnosed with Autism and Schizoaffective disorder. In this blog I discuss my reality, beliefs and interests. When you meet one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism.

I feel like killing myself now. Though I don’t have any proper method at home that works. It’s the only thing that stops me from killing myself. I get fed up with living. I’m ready for heaven.

To be honest I live with so much fear of the government and people in general. I find I get most relief at home. Though I still feel like I am awaiting slaughter. People are just too judgemental and harsh. I would rather just be dead.

I’ve skimmed through the Book of Leviticus from the Bible. It lists a lot of (Jewish) rules. Though the video I watched by Tim Keller helped explain it’s context in relation to the gospel. A load of rules no one could keep.

I got iced bun fingers from Aldi today. I’m just appreciating it with a mug of tea and having this home.

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