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  • A Middle Class Closed Shop

    A Middle Class Closed Shop

    I was born in a Working Class family. My grandparents and parents were Working Class who lived in council houses before they bought him. Research of my family tree suggests many before me were brick layers and factory workers. When I was growing up it was clear to me as technology became more automated that…

  • My Prayer Life

    My Prayer Life

    I had an atheist upbringing. Although my late Mother was brought up as Catholic she chose not to go to Church once she wasn’t forced to by her Mother. It’s not to say I knew nothing about religion, I did Religious studies at school and some of Mothers values passed down were Christian. It was…

  • Surviving


    [7 Part Twitter Thread] Surviving can be defined as continuing to live or exist in spite of (an accident or ordeal). As someone with a diagnosis of Autism and Schitzoaffective Disorder surviving is what I seem to excel at. It has taken me time but I have learnt to accept survival is the best I…

  • Worthy


    [6 Part Twitter Thread] A big part of my life was trying to be worthy. Today many in society measure worth in terms of how much money you have or what job title you have. I have had jobs in the past experiencing burnout and breakdown.As the occupation I was trained in become less accessible…

  • Mania and Hypomania

    Mania and Hypomania

    Mania is a condition in which you have a period of abnormally elevated, extreme changes in your mood or emotions, energy level or activity level. Hypomania is milder form of Mania and may only last a few days. A feature of my Schizoaffective Disorder diagnosis that I have experienced is Mania and Hypomania. Sometimes the Mania…

  • When In Doubt

    When In Doubt

    We live in a world full of information and disinformation. It is hard to know sometimes if what we are doing or asking for is right or wrong. Much anxiety and depression can be created from the strong beliefs of others which can lead to much suffering. In Western Society, we are often taught that…

  • Psychosis: A Heart Attack of the Mind

    Psychosis: A Heart Attack of the Mind

    Previously I wrote about Mindblindness and how it can lead to me experiencing paranoia. Some would argue that I am just experiencing mild psychosis or extreme anxiety. In any case, it is something I have to live with for a long time that has got worse over the years. Though it tends to affect me…

  • Mindblindness


    Mindblindness is the inability to attribute mental states such as thoughts, desires, knowledge, and intentions to self and others, and to make sense of and predict another person’s behaviour. I believe I am partially mind blind. Mind blind is a theory that Autistic people lack or have a developmental delay in Theory of Mind. I…

  • Heresy and Market Fundamentalism

    Heresy and Market Fundamentalism

    Heresy is a belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (usually Christian) doctrine. The Spanish Inquisition was about identifying a person believing in or practising religious heresy (e.g. not believing in the Catholic faith). Similar persecution occurred in the UK against Catholics that were not Protestant. Believing differently to the mainstream view of the present is always going…


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I’m Shaun, aged 39, I am a follower of Christ, diagnosed with Autism and Schizoaffective disorder. In this blog I discuss my reality, beliefs and interests. When you meet one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism.