[6 Part Twitter Thread]

A big part of my life was trying to be worthy. Today many in society measure worth in terms of how much money you have or what job title you have. I have had jobs in the past experiencing burnout and breakdown.
As the occupation I was trained in become less accessible and my condition became more debilitating I found I had less choice in jobs that meant I couldn’t find one to function in at all. I have had to revisit what being worthy meant in order to find some peace.
The Christian Bible was truly an answer to my prayers. Jesus saved many disabled and marginalised people that were seen as sinners in their time. I always hoped I would meet my late Mother in heaven one day.Once I understood ‘Justification by Faith’ I found peace.
Justification by Faith is the unmerited favour (grace) of God of forgiving the believers sins by imputing him the righteousness of Christ. Justification is the finished work of salvation where the believer will have the righteousness necessary to have eternal life in heaven.
What this meant to me was that no money or no good works or deed is going to get me to heaven. Only God’s grace can. Only God can decide if I’m worthy. So my renewed focus these days is to be the best faithful Christian I can be.
I do see things I can do better at but I also have the wisdom that my condition limits me as well. I have to remind myself it isn’t good works that make a good Christian. It’s faith in God that’s most important. I work hard to maintain my heart in my faith.