DIM US Framework

I was feeling traumatised this morning and needed an outlet for my experiences. So I have created my alternative “Recovery in the Bin” inspired framework that attempts to mirror the realities compared to the CHIME Framework for personal recovery. I call it the ‘DIM US’ framework #RITB.

I think the CHIME framework is a nice way to encapsulate the ideals (if not coopted) for someone living a good life whether they identify with recovery or not.The DIM US framework tries to encapsulate the mirror reality of living under a darker world of social dogma and ideology.

For me there can still be Hope & Optimism even when “in the bin” but its more often stripped back to its fundamental elements of impermanence and faith.

For someone of not a spiritual persuasion it could be the next general election, United Nations, The charter of human rights, Magna Carta, US Constitution, Hippocratic oath etc..

I hope you find the DIM US framework useful. As I live, learn and process my trauma I’m sure I will post again in developing tools to understand and cope with toxic ideology and recovery narratives.

You may find the ‘DIM US’ framework useful when dealing with professionals. When a professional talks about an issue in recovery, identify the item in the CHIME framework and consider it. As well as it’s partner on the DIM US framework.

For example, you could say it’s not about ‘Connection’ (or engagement) but ‘Disenfranchisement’ in the system and prevailing ideology.’CHIME’ is attempting to chime a neorecovery narrative from you. You may choose to respond with the dim one in the bin (our reality).