Month: January 2023

  • Poem About Autism

    Poem About Autism

    Discovered this good poem by John Roedel, a father of a boy with Autism on Twitter today: Me: Hey God. God: Hey John. Me: Cure Autism. God: Nope. Me: Why? God: There is nothing to cure. Me: Huh? God: People living with autism aren’t broken. They aren’t sick. They are just people singing a beautiful…

  • Star Trek TNG: Tin Man

    Star Trek TNG: Tin Man

    Today I continued rewatching Season 3 of Star Trek The Next Generation by watching ‘Tin man’. This episode was aired on the 23rd April 1990. As an Autistic person I felt I could relate to the experiences of the three main characters of Tam, Data and Tin Man. This is a 15 part thread and…

  • My Christian Book Collection and Journey

    My Christian Book Collection and Journey

    I have slowly built up a small collection of Christian books in recent years. Initially in 2016-18 I was inspired by quotes that originated from the Bible that I discovered online. After psychosis with a spiritual nature in late 2017 I bought my first Bible. Initially I bought a Rainbow Study Bible in 2018 as…

  • Star Trek TNG: The Offspring

    Star Trek TNG: The Offspring

    Yesterday I continued rewatching Season 3 of Star Trek The Next Generation by watching ‘The Offspring’. This episode was aired in 1990 and was ahead of its time in some of the current issues it explores.  I found the episode covered issues relevant to today including gender identity, autism, parenting and artificial intelligence.  In this…

  • New Shoes

    New Shoes

    My new shoes arrived today. It might be #ActuallyAutistic of me to buy the same pair (4th time now). I know they fit and are comfortable. Surprising how they wear out but it’s all I wear except for running.

  • Portable Star Trek

    Portable Star Trek

    I’m really pleased now I have my Star Trek DVD collection on my MicroSD Card. I’ve been extracting it from disc and compressing it to h264 to my external hard drive for years. At least now if I’m in hospital I won’t need to get WiFi and Netflix – just my phone charged up. It’s…

  • First Run Today

    First Run Today

    First run out the way. It was hard work. I’m unfit. Used to do 8 to 12 min miles. Though I’m carrying an extra 30KG. Pleased with it though. It was getting painful at the end. God helps get the tough patches out like in the marathons I have previously done.E.g. Imagine your being crucified…

  • Christian Challenges

    Christian Challenges

    I think the hardest thing about being Christian is many people don’t accept it if you are honest about your own faith. I don’t mind if people want to discuss it. Sometimes I enjoy a good debate on the reasoning. It’s hard when they get angry when they can’t change my mind. Many people don’t…

  • Star Trek on MicroSD

    Star Trek on MicroSD

    My phone broke in November so I was relying on a goodish older phone I had, as I wanted to pay for things in my new home (e.g. washing machine). Though charging it 4+ times a day was a pain – its battery wasn’t good. I’ve replaced it now with a Motorola sim free with…