First Run Today

First run out the way. It was hard work. I’m unfit. Used to do 8 to 12 min miles. Though I’m carrying an extra 30KG. Pleased with it though.

It was getting painful at the end. God helps get the tough patches out like in the marathons I have previously done.E.g. Imagine your being crucified right now and your only goal is not to stop believing. Unfortunately you can’t use that kind of faith in socialising/team working.

When I was trying to understand why my mind was ‘weak’ and others were strong I read about special forces soldiers plus some that had been tortured. A common theme was their belief in God got them through. I don’t think you should try to test God. However, Faith is powerful.

Anyway running releases brain-derived neurotrophic factor. It plays a major role in neuroplasticity and neurogenesis—the two processes that are responsible for forming new neurons and strengthening existing connections between neurons. Increasing BDNF can have profound effects on cognitive function, memory, mood, and overall mental health.

My only experience with the right intensity and training can to some level overcome the sedation of medication. The challenge is getting started.

I try to think of the body like a blunt sword that needs to be sharpened. If things get easier for the body then it gets less taxing for the mind. Glad I started today, wish I could have started earlier but I feel safer now with my own home to give it my all.