Star Trek on MicroSD

My phone broke in November so I was relying on a goodish older phone I had, as I wanted to pay for things in my new home (e.g. washing machine). Though charging it 4+ times a day was a pain – its battery wasn’t good. I’ve replaced it now with a Motorola sim free with a MicroSD.

I’m often thinking I will end up in hospital again and be bored/anxious. I’ve mostly backed up my Star Trek DVD collection and compressed it to an external hard drive. I have a 512GB MicroSD Card which I’m now copying my Star Trek Collection to. I can watch Star Trek on my phone.

I worry about hospital because I have been in hospital so many times. This time I don’t have my ex and given my family have passed it creates me issues. It’s not like anyone can bring anything in for me. No clothes, toiletries, shaver, phone charger, books, glasses etc.

A few times in the past I have escaped from Southend hospital mental health crisis rooms to go home to get belongings like clothes for my section. I have then had the police pursuit me.The hospital will usually take my shoes so I often left barefoot.The police usually understand.

Fortunately this new home is only 10 minutes walk from Southend Hospital so it will be easy if necessary. Once your in a psychiatric hospital, they are further away here, it’s not easy to leave. Sadly I think leaving on barefoot makes my section more longer or more likely.