Poem About Autism

Discovered this good poem by John Roedel, a father of a boy with Autism on Twitter today:

Me: Hey God.

God: Hey John.

Me: Cure Autism.

God: Nope.

Me: Why?

God: There is nothing to cure.

Me: Huh?

God: People living with autism aren’t broken. They aren’t sick. They are just people singing a beautiful song with lyrics that are foreign to you.

Me: But sometimes I can’t understand what song my son is singing…

God: That’s okay – forget about the lyrics and just sit back and enjoy the lovely melody.

Me: I don’t like to see him struggle.

God: The prettiest of flowers always struggle right before the bloom.

Me: If you won’t cure Autism – what will you do?

God: I’ll have you help Me cure something else.

Me: What’s that?

God: Ignorance.

Me: Am I really qualified to be helping you with that?

God: I can think of no better person.