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  • Addictions, Dependencies and Vices

    Addictions, Dependencies and Vices

    I think virtually everyone has at least an addiction, dependency or vice. As an undiagnosed Autistic child I liked to consistently eat and drink the same things. I think my Mother noticed this so I was made to drank Orange squash and Tea. She kept me away from sweets and fizzy drinks. I still eat […]

  • A Student of Life

    A Student of Life

    In this thread I will attempt to describe a very simple summary of my understanding of life and how it changed during my #ActuallyAutistic #Mentalillness journey. It’s not complete as I would probably need a book to do that.Though knowledge of major influences may be of interest. As an undiagnosed Autistic young man I often […]

  • A Strong Person

    A Strong Person

    I like to think I’m a strong person. I believe a lot of people would be trying to kill themselves in my situation. I haven’t attempted suicide since 2015. The key to my survival is appreciating simply things. I reckon I could even work a routine out with the Bible and a tent. I think […]

  • The Book of Eli

    The Book of Eli

    I have recently rewatched The Book of Eli (2010) and thought I would analyse how it interests me. I admire Denzel Washington as an actor and a Christian. It is a post-apocalypse story where humanity has lost its way. Near the start of the film a women is being attacked (She tried to deceive him […]

  • Batman Vs Superman

    Batman Vs Superman

    I have blogged previously about my love for Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and thought I would analyse its sequel Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Although nowhere as good as the original I was excited to watch the movie in 2016 the same year when my Mum died. I had not long come […]

  • The Social Contract

    The Social Contract

    Developing my understanding of Social Contract theory was a milestone in my recovery. A Social Contract is where people live together in society in accordance with an agreement that establishes moral & political rules of behaviour. E.g. Law in Social security, housing, crime, tax etc. What I realised from my own experiences was that the […]

  • Horses for Courses

    Horses for Courses

    I started a short MS Teams course today with my Trust on Anxiety and Social skills. I’ve done a lot of these kinds of courses since 2010. Anxiety was explained and we were introduced to CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and SMART goals. I once had an interest in ACT. I […]

  • DIM US Framework

    DIM US Framework

    I was feeling traumatised this morning and needed an outlet for my experiences. So I have created my alternative “Recovery in the Bin” inspired framework that attempts to mirror the realities compared to the CHIME Framework for personal recovery. I call it the ‘DIM US’ framework #RITB. I think the CHIME framework is a nice […]

  • A Joke on “Theory of Mind”

    A Joke on “Theory of Mind”

    A little joke I came up with in the shower.

  • Double empathy problem

    Double empathy problem

    I think sometimes a challenge I have with being Autistic is people don’t understand and try to use simple psychoanalysis to evaluate. I’m not talking about professionals in this case I’m talking about regular people with some of a brain. If only it was as simple as that. A passive way to do it is […]