Reflections on Last Year

The last year has been a strange but also a humbling experience. Living homeless in a psychiatric ward for 4 and half months (although only sectioned for 6 weeks) meant I had few luxuries & privileges.I’m redefining luxuries here for many.Going out to the fountain to drink Pepsi in Basildon town centre was a luxury.

Once I had a hotel to move into last July. The privilege of being able to charge my phone, watch TV in my room and the use of a kettle were luxuries I hadn’t had for a long time. Eventually renting a 1 bed flat with a kitchen that had a fridge and my shower were new luxuries.

Slowly over the year I have kitted the flat out. Buying a toaster and a microwave were luxurious to me. An armchair recently made me respect myself more rather than watching TV from bed. My little greenhouse and plants this summer is a privilege as well.

Over that time from initially being homeless to now I have read the Bible more intently than I ever have. It’s helped give me strength and appreciate what I have now. Many Bible characters had to deal with challenging situations and I got strength from them in that.