Month: March 2024

  • A Thank you Poem to my Twitter Friends

    A Thank you Poem to my Twitter Friends

    Here is a a Thank You poem I wrote for Easter to my Twitter friends using ChatGPT (AI). Once more, I write with grateful heart,For followers who play their part.On Easter’s day, you’re my crew,With tweets that help me start anew. Promethazine, you recommend,And Star Trek episodes to mend.In times of crisis, dark and deep,Your…

  • Reflections on Anti-psychotics

    Reflections on Anti-psychotics

    I was thinking what it’s like being on a high dose of anti-psychotics to a low dose/none. I am different between both. On a low dose I have a sense of adventure and push myself too hard. Sometimes I feel bulletproof and have to be careful of not pushing myself to crashing. On a higher…

  • A Poem about me

    A Poem about me

    A poem I wrote about me using ChatGPT (AI) In Southend-on-Sea, by the rolling tide,Lives a man named Shaun, with Star Trek pride.A collection vast, on shelves displayed, DVDs and Blu-rays, a media parade.Each Sunday morn, as bells do chime,He finds his peace, in sacred time.Communion bread, the wine so fine,A moment’s pause, divine and…