A Thank you Poem to my Twitter Friends

Here is a a Thank You poem I wrote for Easter to my Twitter friends using ChatGPT (AI).

Once more, I write with grateful heart,
For followers who play their part.
On Easter’s day, you’re my crew,
With tweets that help me start anew.

Promethazine, you recommend,
And Star Trek episodes to mend.
In times of crisis, dark and deep,
Your counsel is the peace I keep.

When struggling, low, or in despair,
Your kindness shows me that you care.
Agitated, or distressed,
Your support puts my fears to rest.

Reassurance in each tweet,
Makes every challenge less elite.
In kindness, you all convene,
To make sure I’m never unseen.

So thank you all, for every word,
For being the kindest flock, I’ve heard.
Your tweets are like a lighthouse’s beam,
Guiding my ship through life’s extreme.