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  • Stoicism and Early Christianity

    Stoicism and Early Christianity

    In some ways I feel like my life has mirrored early Christians. I embraced Stocism to get into running and eventually did marathons like the Corinthians. Then I’ve given way to Christianity. Stoicism flourished under the Roman Empire until Christianity became the state religion. I was inspired by quotes and meditations of Seneca, Epictetus and […]

  • Book Reviews: May 2023

    Book Reviews: May 2023

    I have recently read two books. One was ‘Struggling with God: Mental Health and Christian Spirituality‘ and the other is ‘The Heritage of Anglican Theology‘. Struggling with God: Mental Health and Christian Spirituality I am diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have had mental health issues for a very long time. I […]

  • Social Sins

    Social Sins

    When I talk of Sin many of us may think of the Ten Commandments in the Bible such as “Thou shalt not kill”. Many societies practise that commandment internally and newer rules develop to deal with new challenges that each century brings us. A common widely held sin today is “Claiming state benefits”. There is […]

  • The Kamikaze Worker

    The Kamikaze Worker

    I was thinking today how politicians, media and thus society make the kamikaze worker the ideal standard for human beings. I would define the kamikaze worker as someone who puts work at the center of their life and above their health, family and society. I have often questioned the point of this overwork. It seems […]

  • A Student of Life

    A Student of Life

    In this thread I will attempt to describe a very simple summary of my understanding of life and how it changed during my #ActuallyAutistic #Mentalillness journey. It’s not complete as I would probably need a book to do that.Though knowledge of major influences may be of interest. As an undiagnosed Autistic young man I often […]

  • A Strong Person

    A Strong Person

    I like to think I’m a strong person. I believe a lot of people would be trying to kill themselves in my situation. I haven’t attempted suicide since 2015. The key to my survival is appreciating simply things. I reckon I could even work a routine out with the Bible and a tent. I think […]

  • Dehumanisation


    Dehumanisation is the denial of full humanity in others along with the cruelty and suffering that accompany it. A practical definition refers to it as the viewing and the treatment of other people as though they lack the mental capacities that are commonly attributed to humans. Homelessness in my experience seems to be the delimiter […]

  • More Christian Books

    More Christian Books

    I have blogged previously that in recent times I have got into reading Christian books and some Christian Theology (Read here and here). My new found faith in recent years as become a huge strength in my wellbeing. I am so thankful to have Christ in my life. Next week I am being baptised in […]

  • The Book of Eli

    The Book of Eli

    I have recently rewatched The Book of Eli (2010) and thought I would analyse how it interests me. I admire Denzel Washington as an actor and a Christian. It is a post-apocalypse story where humanity has lost its way. Near the start of the film a women is being attacked (She tried to deceive him […]

  • Batman Vs Superman

    Batman Vs Superman

    I have blogged previously about my love for Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and thought I would analyse its sequel Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Although nowhere as good as the original I was excited to watch the movie in 2016 the same year when my Mum died. I had not long come […]