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  • Analysis: Owning or Streaming Video

    Analysis: Owning or Streaming Video

    In this blog article I am going to share my analysis of streaming video content and owning it. It’s clear streaming is getting more expensive and having your eggs all in one basket could prove costly in the long term. I don’t just mean subscribing to multiple streaming platforms but being entirely dependant on streaming…

  • Collecting Movies

    Collecting Movies

    This year I have been slowly building up a Blu-ray film collection to add to my Star Trek collection. I see this as a once in a generation chance to buy movies in high definition at rock bottom prices. I don’t find I need to stream. The only challenge with physical media is storage. Though…

  • Organising my DVDs

    Organising my DVDs

    I created some cards for my blu-ray/dvd wallets so I can move my Star Trek TNG Boxset over. Planning to do the same for all my Star Trek Boxset. I should get an entire shelf free on my bookshelf doing this. I might not chuck the packaging straight away incase I change my mind. I…