Organising my DVDs

I created some cards for my blu-ray/dvd wallets so I can move my Star Trek TNG Boxset over. Planning to do the same for all my Star Trek Boxset. I should get an entire shelf free on my bookshelf doing this. I might not chuck the packaging straight away incase I change my mind.

I want to be as minimal, portable and adaptable to a new living situation as I can be. If I have to move I don’t want too have much to move.

There you go that’s my Star Trek Blu-ray and DVD collection compacted. Almost every episode and movie released. Star Trek is about an advanced technological human society that embraced socialism and scorns capitalism. They also embrace diversity including from alien worlds.

An alternative was to pay at least £6.99 a month with Paramount+ until I die. If I die at 70 that would be at least £2684 over 32 years. I imagine the price will go up and adverts will be introduced. Plus that excludes the cost of an internet connection. I’ll probably be poorer.