Month: September 2023

  • Analysis: Owning or Streaming Video

    Analysis: Owning or Streaming Video

    In this blog article I am going to share my analysis of streaming video content and owning it. It’s clear streaming is getting more expensive and having your eggs all in one basket could prove costly in the long term. I don’t just mean subscribing to multiple streaming platforms but being entirely dependant on streaming…

  • Suicide Attempt and Med Changes

    Suicide Attempt and Med Changes

    In early September we had a heatwave in Southend-on-Sea, England. I live in a upper level flat surrounded by flats next to me, above me and below me. The back of my flat is sealed by a bathroom and kitchen. It stays lovely and warm in winter but as I discovered in this first summer…

  • Money and Currency

    Money and Currency

    Money such as £€¥$ is created by the government digitally and some of it is printed as paper. It has no material value except what we believe it’s worth. Governments often create more of it when needed. In recent years much of it has gone to bankers and the ultra wealthy. However, too much money…