The Economy is a Casino

A way of describing my #ActuallyAutistic life is like being trapped in a casino with no exit. Since I don’t have a job the casino gives me money to play.Sometimes I have to play to fit in but these days I’m focused on life support – essentials & small unnecessary luxuries.

I’ve never been to a casino but I can imagine what it would be like. The noise from highly sociable people together and the lighting may be too much. The competitiveness and the egos would be overwhelming. The intimidating security would concern me too.

The experience I’m describing is much like that in the Star Trek TNG episode I rewatched ‘The Royale’. In this episode they find the corpse of a man in the 21st century who was trapped for 38 years there in the artificial reality of a casino.

Aliens had created it and put the man there based on a novel on a casino set in the 1950’s. The artificial reality continuously repeated the novel with all its characters and the facilities of a top casino such as catering and hotel.

Members of the Enterprise crew were then trapped in the casino. In the end the only way they could escape is by utilising Data’s artificial intelligence to win at the casino enough times to buy it. Then they were able to exit.

Much of today’s reality of capitalism was shaped after World War 2 when it ended in 1945. Neoliberalism as we now call it were modifications made to the economic system in the 70’s and 80’s. Capitalism is based on a book written by Adam Smith ‘The Wealth of Nations’ in 1776.

I’m not sure what would be my perfect reality. The concept of Star Trek where people better themselves and each other is very much in my heart. There’s a universe to explore, no greed, a united Earth and much acceptance and understanding of people.

The reality I try to create for myself at home at the age of 38 is one of a quiet multimedia library.Sometimes taking up my own projects to explore. At the moment I’m exploring the Church. It can be lonely as there’s no characters left in my universe.Though there is hope.