Star Trek Voyager: The Gift

Continuing my #StarTrek Voyager rewatch I have finished ‘The Gift’. In this episode ‘7’ has to come to terms with leaving the Borg collective and has many operations to remove implants.Meanwhile Kes is evolving at the Quantum level (beyond our understanding) but is viewed as ill.

7 was assimilated by the Borg as a child and became an efficient Borg Drone. This is true of some Wealthy Autistics in Neoliberalism if they begin life with much money and power. Kes meanwhile was born underground on a Barron wasteland and hoped to see the Sun one day.

Kes under Voyagers egalitarian social culture was given much opportunity over 3 years and soon it was clear she was gifted. She learned telepathy and telekinesis. In this episode her body begins evolving on the quantum level. The crew initially treat her as sick.

Many Mad and Autistic people describe oppression and seek social justice. This can be condemned as a symptom of an illness or more recently as ‘woke’. I feel many of us want to evolve society to become more egalitarian rather than as exploitative Neoliberal capitalists.

7 missed the connection of the collective and being part of the Borg that colonised other races. Janeway in this episode begins the path of being 7’s mentor and integrating her as a member of Voyagers Egalitarian crew.

It is clear 7 is intelligent but has missed out on human developmental milestones. 7 needs understanding with her social interaction and communication. For the next 3 years 7 becomes integral to the crew and a popular Star Trek Character. She was in 3 seasons of Picard.

Kes meanwhile becomes unable to live with the crew because of her gifts. It is not safe for Kes to remain onboard Voyager so she is given a shuttle craft as a gift to leave.Janeway doesn’t see her as a threat that must be eliminated or cured. It is beyond Janeway’s comprehension.