Strange New Worlds: Spock Amok

Continuing my viewing of #StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds I watched ‘Spock Amok’. In this episode Spock’s mind meld with his wife goes wrong and they swap bodies. On a diplomatic mission Pike is trying to convince an alien race to become a member of the Federation.

The prospective alien race for Federation membership appears to mirror the behaviour of the alien races it talks to. They argue with the Tellarites and are logical with the Vulcans. Pike soon thinks that the aliens are practising Radical Empathy.

Radical Empathy involves actively considering another person’s point of view. It involves making a concerted effort to understand the actions and reactions of a people. Therefore Captain Pike radically changed his diplomacy at the end of the episode.

He frankly describes to the aliens the risks of joining the Federation, why they should have good reason to be concerned, mentions some of the anxiety (them allying with enemies) the federation has and finishes with the benefits of membership.

It made me think of my own situation as a Mad Autistic Person. Much empathy directed at me is scorn, pity or “lessons will be learned” statements. People don’t actively consider my position – like what it must be like to be doped up on medication and excluded.

I have spoke much before about the Social Contract, Social Sins and Medical-Welfare Colianialism in my blog. You can read more about the disadvantages people like me face further in my blog.