Star Trek Voyager: Endgame

I’m watching the #StarTrek Voyager series finale ‘Endgame’ tonight. It’s a good episode.

I almost shed a tear to see Tuvok in a care home. Janeway was very kind to him when visiting. I imagine the Federation in the 24th century is more enlightened in care than today.

It’s a funny premise of an episode. Captain Janeway doesn’t like how the future turned out. She goes back in time with advanced technology to change what happens to the crew. I don’t believe Captain Picard would have approved.

It’s also an episode where ‘7’ explores romance and her sexuality with Chakotay. ‘7’ to me is an autistic encoded character. My own exploration of sexuality was much like research as ‘7’s was. In hindsight I may have been influenced by ‘7’.

In the episode, we see Janeway from the future convincing Janeway of the past to change her plans in order to get home.I sometimes wonder what I would say to myself in the past. Would I do things differently? Like Janeway the odds were against me without much more privilege.

The best answer for me in 2003 would have been to have put my annual student loan installment of £3000 into buying shares in Apple then lived off credit cards. They would be worth £1.8 million today.

If I could only offer wisdom then I would be interested to trying to follow my journey backwards. I initially started with psychology and psychiatry to treat my mental illness and autistic challenges.Then recovery research of journals, reading philosophy and then faith in Christ.

I don’t know if such wisdom would have been more optimal. I’m just curious to know what the result would have been. I’m not necessarily saying there would be divine intervention. Though I appreciate today how faith can be very helpful to psychosocial challenges in life.

Both Janeway’s had faith in her crew and the principles of the Federation.Captain Janeway was a compassionate captain who gave kindness and generosity to aliens like a missionary even when at the cost to her crew.I wish I had been more Christian (Janeway) and less of a scientist.