Star Trek Strange New Worlds: Pilot

I’ve just popped my Blu-ray disc of #StarTrek Strange New Worlds Season 1 into the player. The menu has a beautiful soundtrack.
I have seen a few episodes of this last summer when homeless in a hotel. I had a free trial of Paramount+ and watched a few episodes.

Well the theme tune just made a few tears drop. It had the air of exploration and adventure.Something I used to have when I emigrated to Australia and for a brief period in 2019 when I ran 3 marathons.I wish I could have that innocence and excitement again.

In this episode we meet Captain Pike who is at home with trauma of seeing his own death from a mission in Star Trek Discovery season 2. He eventually re-assumes command of the USS Enterprise before Captain Kirk got the gig.

In much the same way as Pike I feel I want to stay at home. Who wants to be traumatised again? Perhaps he thought he was already dead. Though the mission attracts Pike as it means going to an alien planet to rescue his friends.

The Enterprise crew discover this alien world has developed the warp bomb. The warp bomb is much like the nuclear bomb but involves the collision of matter and anti-matter. Far more destructive. Pike and Spock eventually rescue his friends and crew mates.

Pike breaks the prime directive after failing to warn the government on the alien world of the dangers of the warp bomb. The leaders won’t listen. He broadcasts across their TV and internet channels imagery of Earth’s history including World War 3. He warns the people.

He gives an invitation to the people of this world to join the United Federation of planets with Earth in their present 23rd century. He has clearly intervened in the natural development of their culture. Though it appears he hasn’t officially violated the Prime Directive.

Overall it’s a very short Star Trek pilot compared to previous series (52mins). The production values are high. I enjoyed. It made me think that we may have another world war before people wake up or humanity finally goes to sleep. There is plenty of food and homes to go around.

Captain Pike warned the aliens that competing visions of liberty will lead to destruction. It made me think of how much of our life is like that today. I wish we could all have a right to a safety net based on Maslow’s hierarchy then actualise by debate rather than by oppression.