Star Trek Voyager: Worst Case Scenario

The next #StarTrek Voyager episode I’ve watched is ‘Worst Case Scenario’. I’m not actually picking these episodes – they are all in order of my rewatch of Season 3. In this episode Torres discovers a Holonovel which simulates Chakotay and some members of the crew mutineering.

Eventually many crew members decide to try the Holonovel and find it fascinating. Tuvok reveals he was the author and it was tactical training for a worst case scenario years ago. In the end such training proved unnecessary and was abandoned.

I laugh at this because Tuvok is Vulcan (Spock was half Vulcan). He comes across as Autistic with his logic. I often think of different worst case scenarios to stress in my life. It is like a cognitive tactical training to me. I catastrophise and can burnout. I can’t stop it.

As I have no one to talk things through I often share aspects of my life on Twitter to help keep me centered. Sometimes I’m also looking to highlight broader issues and themes. Tuvok’s Holonovel wasn’t finished so like Twitter the crew make many comments on how it should end.

Some of the comments are amusing, unrealistic and unworkable. Much like some advice I receive on Twitter. Though I experience much appreciation, validation and solidarity on Twitter which makes it often worth putting things out there. I feel less alone.

In the end the Holonovel contains a Trojan horse by a former crew member who betrayed them. It almost kills Tuvok and Tom Paris who were running the Holonovel.Likewise I am usually careful that some on Twitter may have malign or unintentional intent. My Christian faith guides me.

My interpretation of the Christian faith and judgement of moral behaviour is very much like how the Prime Directive is applied in #StarTrek.