My Experiences and this Blog

I don’t get much social contact these days. The service on Sundays at Church, my care coordinator every fortnight and you people on here. I really appreciate my interactions on here (Twitter) – so thank you. I don’t think I would cope with much of a social life anyway.

I find people hard work these days. I don’t know why. I think it might be the medication burns me out quickly. My concentration isn’t good enough. I can’t mask anymore. So choose to be myself. I think most people are put off by me.Though I think I also see myself more clearly.

I accept I’m disabled now and I can’t ‘magic’ my way out of it. Also the post-pandemic world makes it far too hard for anyone to recover any participation from nothing nowadays. It’s so rigged to the wealthy that it’s a joke. It’s a nonsense world of bullshit jobs.

I generally feel like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. That’s what I feel I’m set up to be. My expectation is I will end up homeless or detained in a psych hospital. Possibly a room before but after I lose this flat. People like me are flack and political cover for the 1%.

I’ll continue to blog my experiences on The site and domain will be round for a long time. It is also archived by the internet archive and the British library. I hope one day my contributions maybe useful to historians in receiving a 1st hand account.