Baptised Today

I thought I would share this in case any other Autistic person decides they want to go to Church and perhaps eventually be Baptised like I was today. I was anxious and it’s been a journey getting here. I am 38 so it’s never too late. I have had a wonderful day. I’m very proud and grateful.

The service was as below. Full immersion of the water was ok it was warm. The candle was lit and handed to me. I had to ask if I could blow it out so I could sit down (my social awkwardness). A few members of the Church gave me greeting cards and a few came up to congratulate me.

After bread and wine (Lords supper) I brought some cake with me to share with the tea and coffee on offer. Then went out for a break in a park by the seafront and had an 99 ice cream. Then I came back to the end of the louder and busy 11am service.

Today is Penticost Sunday so our diverse Church had members of the congregation towards the end off the 11am service read scripture in their native tongues with English subtitles. It was nice to hear them speaking the word of God in different languages.

I then had lunch, many people had brought food along to form a small buffet of lunch. I got talking to a few people which was nice. The noise volume of people wasn’t easy but it was worth suffering to connect with some people. I wore my ear defenders as soon as I left the building as I walked through the city centre as I needed quiet time.

I wrote this testimony in advance and read it out during the service. The traditional 9am service is an older crowd so I designed it in a way this audience would likely understand. It doesn’t need to be as long as that. I just wanted to say what I wanted to say for my part.

Although I mentioned in my Testimony that my Mother was brought up Catholic. I was baptised in the Church of England (Protestant). However, other Churches accept my Baptism certificate as evidence of Christian Baptism.

One thing I think I will have to work on if I am to get to know others in the Church is accepting different points of view on the Theology of the Bible. I sometimes have a desire to suggest my interpretation that may not be welcome. But hey thats goes for general life anyway :-).