Simple Living

I think the happiest time in my life was when I was in my 3rd year of university. Although I was deeply worried about the big wide world when I expected to graduate. I didn’t have much money and lived a humble life.

I lived in a room with an ensuite shower. I had one good friend who did the same course as me but in hindsight I think he used me often to get answers. I had a crush on him so seeing his sweet smile was good enough for me. I used to ride my bike to the nearby Tesco.

I spent much of my time in my room in the evenings watching Star Trek or Queer as Folk USA. I used to watch it often eating cheap Tesco value cookies. It was a very simple existence. My course gave me much intellectual stimulation during the day.

I often came back weeks early in the holidays. If I knew enough about the modules I would sometimes start my learning early. I never really wanted to leave. Unfortunately I knew neoliberal capitalism meant I had to try to work.Fortunately my skills as a programmer served me well.

These days I go to Aldi for my food and feel happy. Lately I have been watching the History of Britain and reading a history of the Anglican Church as well as Bible reading. Like university I have my TV by my bed and my desk chair as furniture. The simplicity is good for my wellbeing.