A Strong Person

I like to think I’m a strong person. I believe a lot of people would be trying to kill themselves in my situation. I haven’t attempted suicide since 2015. The key to my survival is appreciating simply things. I reckon I could even work a routine out with the Bible and a tent.

I think the key is trying to turn suffering on its head. When I was homeless in a hospital I maintained appreciation every night I had a warm bed and eaten 3 meals. Sometimes I would have jam on toast which I used to represent the body and blood of Christ before a prayer.

I would pray for a better home than a psych hospital.Ignoring the fact whether my prayers would be answered in the end. It was the rituals and this mindset that protected me from further madness.I say madness because it was clear any misbehaviour could keep me imprisoned forever.

After 2015 before I was devoted to Christianity I was into running.There was something about being physically exhausted and dehydrated yet still having the will to keep on going.They were transcendental experiences that led me to find God. Similar happened suffering homelessness.

So these days I go to the toilet in my bathroom, then make a cup of tea or a sodastream in my kitchen before settling to my room to read my book. I say to myself I’m incredibly wealthy as none of these people in the Bible have the wealth I have today. I can read for start 🙂.