More Christian Books

I have blogged previously that in recent times I have got into reading Christian books and some Christian Theology (Read here and here). My new found faith in recent years as become a huge strength in my wellbeing. I am so thankful to have Christ in my life.

Next week I am being baptised in my local Church which is Church of England. I wanted to know more about the theology and history of Anglican Theology and the Church of England. So I have lately been reading the Book ‘The Heritage of Anglican Theology‘ by J.I.Packer. I’m so far half way and I found it interesting. Especially learning about Tyndale, Cramer and Hooker.

Another book I got is a university textbook ‘The Christian Theology Reader‘ that continues on from ‘Christian Theology An Introduction‘ that I have mostly read. It’s by the same Author Alister E. McGrath. The author (or should I say editor) mainly takes the best work and contributions of all the greatest Christian Theologians and tries to make progress with their insights as well as balance competing views.

A living theologian I admire today is N.T Wright. I have read a number of articles written by him or about him as well as watching a few talks by him on YouTube. I often get as excited as him when he starts talking about the New Testament. I guess it’s a shared passion and I agree with much of his views on how important the New Testament is. I recently watched this video on one of his recent books ‘Paul A Biography‘ which I have just got as well. I also bought another book ‘Simply Christian‘ since it seemed highly rated.

Finally I bought another new book ‘Struggling with God: Mental Health & Christian Spirituality‘. This one has a foreword by Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury. I thought it might offer me some Christian insights in managing my psychiatric diagnosis.

These books should keep me entertained and occupied for a while. I’m sure they are good for my wellbeing as well. I’m thinking I should really join the library if I am going to get back into reading like I used to. My concentration seems to be coming back. I think it’s probably because I am well settled in a home now and am more used to my medication.