The Rise of the Skywalker

Tonight I’m watching Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker on Blu-ray. I haven’t seen this film, well I think 20 minutes of it but at the time I wasn’t impressed. Anyway I will try to finish the Skywalker Saga tonight.

I just saw Chewbacca and immediately thought of him as someone who is Autistic. He had communication challenges and isn’t easily understood. He sometimes has meltdowns. He has few friends but cares deeply about them.

I’m starting to get a feel of this new trilogy. It’s like Rey was born into darkness, becomes light and Kylo tries to turn her into darkness. Yet Kylo was born into light, becomes darkness and Rey tries to turn him to light.

I was in deep thought of the last Star Wars episode this morning as I was walking to Aldi and shopping. Rey’s healing of Kylo with the force after stabbing him was an act of forgiveness to save him. It appears Kylo heals her and vanishes like Luke and Yoda – as if that saved him.

The return of Palpatine after appearing to die in the Return of the Jedi seemed dark. The suggestion he was a clone gave me the message that fascism (evil) can always return so we can never be so sure of their tricks.

The battle between Palpatine and Rey was interesting. It appeared that she used his own power reflected on him to destroy him. She used Leah’s and Luke’s lightsaper in a cross to defend herself. She was defending their legacy.

As a Christian the Cross imagery of the lightsapers made me think of the legacy of Christ. I have talked about my shield of faith in previous blogs.

I’m not sure if the two lightsapers actually gave her any extra power. The impression I get is it harnessed her power. Luke and Leah became her adopted parents and she believed in their legacy. The Bible can have a similar effect on me.

At the end Rey buries the lightsapers. Perhaps incase she needs them again one day and also to turn a page and start a new chapter. Luke saw the errors of the Jedi and his own. Rey is the next generation of Jedi ready to begin a new journey.