Shield of Faith

Sometimes when I talk to mental health professionals I feel like a politician. The professional obviously has their own politics and follows an ideology of their profession. I can sometimes be trying to explain myself in a coherent way that is grounded in philosophy and theory.

It can be challenging as I can be pressed with questions under pressure. I have to link my statements with concepts and theory verbally in order to not appear lazy, bizarre or not engaging. It has created a lot of anxiety for me. It has led me to becoming a philosopher of myself.

Under such pressure and many breakdowns I have learnt to lean on a ‘Shield of Faith‘.I was previously Agnostic and Atheist. Psychiatrization meant I was questioning everything about myself. I asked the question if everything about me can be changed and suffered, then what am I?

It was at that point I began to wear an ‘Armor of God‘. The word of God in the Bible spoke to me. I could relate to the stories and believed in Christ. Knowing I can refer to someone I believe in my heart is very powerful and incredibly helpful.