Medication Messaging

Sometimes I think I give mix messages on here about medication. If my autism was diagnosed before 2010 and I had adjustments in my career then I may have not needed medication. If I was to win the lottery tomorrow I don’t think I would need medication in future.

Though I would need to fund a private team to help me with the discontinuation from it as well as have excellent private care. My medication isn’t brilliant or a solution. It has side effects that are disabling but I have been on much worse.

My current social standing in this neoliberal world order means I do need medication to cope. I think it could be optimised to be different or less but no such support is available. I’m also aware I could be detained again and it changed against my will if I had difficulties.

It’s not say 1 or 2 million pounds in my bank account immediately fixes things. I would need to buy a 1 bed home then set up a trust to give me an income of around £20 to 30k a year that adjusts yearly with inflation. Appoint a trustee to deal with financial emergencies.

Telling people I’m a millionaire and own my own home would immediately improve my social standing as well.