Basildon Day Trip

It was strange going into Basildon Town centre today as I saw the fountain where I used to sit when I got leave from hospital. It felt different this time because I’m in a better place now. It meant so much to me that fountain.

Now I feel I have started early retirement. Society is broken and rigged as far as I’m concerned. Whether I stay in this flat or be locked up for the rest of my life is upto the powers that be. I will just appreciate what I have now as it could all be gone tomorrow.

I find the Bible very helpful in coping. At the very minimum I need shelter, food, warmth and a Bible to get by day by day. It’s not what I should expect but it’s enough to nurture the mind and soul for another day. It is what it is.Some people think their rich but aren’t really.

The laughable thing is you get little in hospital except food and medication. You have to bring your own stuff in or someone else does. The first thing I will do if I end up in hospital again is order a Bible from Amazon. I’m not going to get much help in there otherwise.