Tired of Sociatial Pressure

I find now being on the Paliperidone depot I have less bandwidth to do things. Doing the domestic chores and a walk is close to my limit. In 2019 I was on a low dose of quetiapine but could do more like run marathons. I feel happier now and can settle on this – if left alone.

I’m really getting tired of continued hospitalisations and the constant change of medications. It’s difficult to know who I am or who I was from every change. I feel completely spent by all of it. It gets to the point where I would rather be executed than oppressed further.

I have no criminal record and have never took drugs. I haven’t even smoked. I just don’t fit well in this neoliberal capitalist system. I’m a square peg that can’t fit a round hole. I’m #ActuallyAutistic