Grateful But Fearful

I spent so much time last year homeless, dreaming of a future where I would have use of my own kitchen and bathroom. Having a bedroom where I could chill out with Star Trek. I sit here now happily with a cup of tea listening to white noise from the Enterprise appreciating this.

This Spring/Summer now I am settled and have my homely comforts I want to really enjoy it. I would like to have cooked breakfasts on my decking in the sunshine. Try to grow some organic produce from my garden.I really want to appreciate it as it may not last until my end of days.

I really fear the UK is becoming more fascist and less compassionate. I may not be able to function in this nation. One day I may be homeless again, perhaps this time in a noisy HMO that makes it impossible to function. I could end up in something like a 21st century asylum.

The barriers to participate in society could get higher and people like me move from social exclusion to deathmaking. So I try to make the most of it now. The grim future of suffering at the behest of uncompassionate doctors, nurses and civil servants is a possibility in waiting.