I have lurched from uncertainty to crisis in my life. Many identities have been assigned to me by others and by myself. Like the circles here. There was a force like gravity at my core that kept it all together. That core light was revealed to me in my most darkest moments.

I never grew up believing God. I was usually switching between agnostic/atheist. Then it slowly became agnostic/God. My Mother was brought up Catholic but she never practised it or believed in it.Captain Picard from Star Trek was my fatherly figure and he wasn’t religious either.

As I grew up watching Star Trek. I always interpreted it from a scientific and atheist angle. Though today as I rewatch it I often see spirituality there too. I can only describe it as like gaining an extra eye or going from 2D to 3D to 4D and so forth.

Though I know from experience that observing many aspects at once can be overwhelming. As there is too much to unpack at once. This has led me to breakdowns reinforcing my many circles. I don’t think my faith can hold it all together all the time but I do feel it’s supporting me.