SodaStream Joy

One of the things that gives me so much Autistic joy is my SodaStream. A SodaStream machine contains a gas cylinder of carbon dioxide that you apply to water. You then add a syrup (flavour) to the fizzy water. I enjoy making them and I like the bubbles.

I often make 1 bottle (1 litre a day). Though over Christmas I have been more generous. I enjoy the process of making my drinks as well as maintaining the machine by installing new gas cylinders.I don’t drive so carrying plastic bottles with shopping on foot is heavy going.

The bottles I use are reusable so there is no plastic waste. They come in two sizes. 1 litre and 500ml. The 500ml bottles are ideal for travel. I keep a 1 litre bottle by my bedside every night with summer fruits cordial (no fizz) as my lithium medication makes me thirsty.

As most of a fizzy drink is comprised of water, I use a Brita Maxtra filter jug kept in the fridge to keep the water pure and cold. The filter purifies tap water and removes chlorine.Though I don’t use the official Maxtra Cartridges as Wilko and Sainsbury’s do cheap brands.

The syrups are the fun part. You can make your own including using blended fruit. You can get some well known brands like Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Drew and Lemsip. I like to drink Pepsi Max and Orange (if I use a lot of syrup it tastes like Fanta). I like 7UP as well.

The gas cylinders are as heavy as a 2 litre bottle of fizz but lighter when empty. You can get up to 60 Litres of drinks per cylinder. I’m subscribed to a cylinder plan. DPD deliver a box of 4 and then I send them all back in the same box from my local newsagents via Yodel.

It’s fair to say SodaStream is my little luxury. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke.I don’t go out apart from Church. I have had my SodaStream for a year now and in the time I have had to use it – it has brought me much joy. It’s alot better than just tea or coffee like in hospital.