Not Optimistic About New year

I can’t say I feel optimistic about a happy new year. I’m amazed I’m actually seeing the new year without being homeless. It went on for too long. I guess after this year I’m dreading what next year has in store for me.

I have been very badly beaten down emotionally this year. Spending 4.5 months in a psychiatric hospital homeless and not sectioned for most of it was traumatic.I’m less resilient to stress than I was before. It has became a habit to pray to God on almost every stressor this year.

In hospital I constantly had people taking my vitals (blood pressure, temperature etc.) 5 times a day, staff walking into my room and having to eat at designated time as no kitchen. Washing behind a locked with no staff available. Share 1 TV with 16 unwell people.

Yet I wasn’t sectioned or unwell. Just Autistic and homeless. I would love to see if many other people see could have handled it so well.