Autistic Leper

I have an interesting interplay that goes on in Church. I often explain myself to members by saying I’m Autistic. Whether that’s to reason why I don’t work or how I came to Church this year by reading the Bible in a psychiatric hospital.

One has said to me they don’t use labels and another has talked in terms of discoveries rather than inventions about things. Another could see the challenges of having autism with wanting to stick to the same food. Many skirt around it when we talk. I have no problems with this.

Many Christians believe the scientific method applies only to the physical universe that we can observe. Christians believe in a body, soul and a God. Since we don’t know how the mind works and even if we did it would be a matter of faith in science.

Therefore a Christian interpretation could be that Autism doesn’t exist. What exists is the consequences a person diagnosed with autism finds themselves in. I often draw parallels between a person with Leprosy at the time of Christ and those Autistic today.