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  • Running Week 1

    Running Week 1

    I’m mainly writing this blog as a routine of keeping myself accountable and hopefully something to look back on and be proud. Well I’m pleased to have complete my first week in returning to run. It hasn’t been easy. particularly motivating myself to get out there. The medication makes me so lethargic. Particularly if I […]

  • First Run Today

    First Run Today

    First run out the way. It was hard work. I’m unfit. Used to do 8 to 12 min miles. Though I’m carrying an extra 30KG. Pleased with it though. It was getting painful at the end. God helps get the tough patches out like in the marathons I have previously done.E.g. Imagine your being crucified […]

  • My Exercise Plan

    My Exercise Plan

    So I’m planning to go for my first run Saturday morning. My plan is to try to start with 1 to 2 miles, three times a week. Then hopefully build from there. Tomorrow I will go shopping in Aldi for my new diet for the week.Not much will change really I need to cut down […]

  • Exercise Planning

    Exercise Planning

    I’ve got a couple of tops today and a pair of jogging bottoms. Planning to get back into running again soon. The activity used to help me and losing some weight wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just weighed myself and it looks like the 30kg I lost in 2016 has been put back on again. […]