I often mention my Christian Faith in my blogs but I don’t write about Bible characters. I appreciate most people who read my blog are not believers so this blog might not be something that interests you. My faith has grown to be central to my life so I make no apologies but I do appreciate we all have diverse opinions on Spirituality.

Besides Jesus, I find Paul The Apostle’s story inspirational in the Bible. Although he writes in the New Testament that Homosexuality is a sin I don’t take that personally. He might well be right as far as God is concerned and I am willing to carry my own cross on that one for God’s forgiveness. I believe the Homosexuality Paul was referring to in the Roman Empire was more like pedophilia that we call it today. There are many true love stories between gay people in the 21st century that are as positive and committed as many heterosexual relationships. Loving gay relationships probably wasn’t visible during the Roman Empire.

Paul wrote many letters that became books in the Bible. They were letters to the new Christian Churches providing much support and guidance on faith. He saw a lot of immortality in the Roman Empire so was doing his best to save the Church from sin. I think there is no surprise that homosexuality got lumped in there as a sin when so much immorality was taking place in the Roman Empire. If he made a mistake in expressing the word or others have misinterpreted him then I can forgive them. I also can respect people who believe it’s a sin as long as they are not disrespectful or unkind to me. There are after all many sins we all commit in life.

Anyway what I liked about Paul was what we know about his life and his brilliant writings. Paul was initially a Jew and punished Jews that had converted to Christianity. For a matter of fact, he actually helped kill a Christian by stoning them.

Paul had what we would today describe as a spiritual experience. He had a vision and met Jesus Christ. He became a Christian and an excellent preacher. He had excellent knowledge of the Old Testament and the early New Testament. He understood the significance of Jesus and shaped our faith in Christ.

Paul travelled to many countries founding and building new Churches. He wasn’t often welcome and was attacked. He would still preach even under much punishment. He made new members of the Church through healing and kindness.

When he returned to Jerusalem he was arrested because of his preaching. Eventually he was taken to Rome where he continued to preach as he was a Roman citizen. Ultimately he was executed but he spread Christianity to Rome. His main message essentially was ‘Love God and help others’.

What I admire of the man is how he was so dedicated to his faith despite so much persecution and torture. It’s true he got much help from God but I believe he was a very special person. That’s why he is recognised as an Apostle.

I have experienced persecution but nowhere near to the level of Paul. Much of it has been psychological such as deprivation of my needs in hospital, discrimination or the distain from others. Although the movie of Paul Apostle of Christ wasn’t entirely true to scripture I felt it captured the wisdom of Paul well. I hope if things do get worse for me in the Neoliberal Empire, I can bravely put my head on the chopping block like Paul at end of the movie and welcome death or suffering (however that may be) as someone who kept the faith.

These are just my writing and interpretations of the word of God. I don’t claim to speak on behalf of God or for all Christians. These are my own opinions which may change. Please treat them as such.