Saturday Gardening

This is something I posted on Twitter on Saturday 10th June 2023.

Busy dealing all morning and some of the afternoon on an overgrown hedge in my garden. At least done my side of the fence. Neighbour on left doesn’t do gardening (so it seems). Lot of rubbish in their garden too. I’ve smashed my garden waste into bits for council to collect next week. Took lots of breaks and Pepsi.

I’ve been using a cordless hedge trimmer that I got recently and wear ear defenders. I don’t like it. Though as a tenant it’s my responsibility to maintain the garden so trying to get things under control. This is my first summer so hopefully will be more set now.

I do tend to treat my lounge as a general purpose storage solution other than my computer, desk and chair. Dry washing, keep the recycling box in their, garden strimmer and hedge trimmer, foldable table/chairs, box of food tins and spares etc… My bedroom is my real lounge.

In the end I really appreciate and grateful to have my home. It’s wonderful to have a 1 bed flat with much peace and quiet. Seriously it is truly bliss. So want to be a good as tenant as possible, not jeopardise it and stay here a long time.