Stigmatising Press

If the new national sport is to force people like me to work full time, breakdown and fail then I guess play on.
Even if you don’t care about my health or life, it will probably cost more to see me burn and probably risk others safety and wellbeing.

Around 50+ years ago people like me would have been in long stay hospitals or mental asylums. Thankfully we have evolved beyond that so people like have me have liberty to live in the community. If the choice now is hospital or unrealistic fulltime work then you have your answer.

I follow Jesus depicted here. There’s no way I can match him. Though I do my best to follow his example. Many people wanted his blood and they got it on the cross.
I eat bread and drink wine every Sunday in remembrance of him and what he stood for.
I’m sorry I don’t measure up.

I would like to see better quality journalism that takes more thoughtful analysis and reception of all views.I see a giant bullseye being painted on people like me and I would encourage all those affected to turn it into a cross.