Horses for Courses

I started a short MS Teams course today with my Trust on Anxiety and Social skills. I’ve done a lot of these kinds of courses since 2010. Anxiety was explained and we were introduced to CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and SMART goals.

I once had an interest in ACT. I read many books by Dr Russ Harris on ACT, a British turned Australian (he was on Oz TV). It involves using mindfulness in anxious situations. Sometimes it has been helpful other times it’s like putting yourself unnecessarily on the firing line.

ACT is very much like what martyrs would use when facing certain death. When Christ was Crucified he still chose to follow his values. He carried his own cross. He didn’t fight the Roman soldiers as it went against his beliefs.Buddhism which inspired mindfulness can be similar.

The experience of hearing all these Acronyms and Frameworks again can be dispiriting as it can feel like a gaslight that I’m not trying hard enough. Though this time I reassured myself I really have tried, still try and my circumstances haven’t always been helpful either.

Fortunately, I had the DIM US Framework for a “Recovery in the Bin” at hand during this session. It helped add some coherent balance in my mind to what was being discussed. It also helped me express how I felt internally. I chose to vocalise some of this in an assertive manner.

The ‘DIM US’ framework I developed.

For me, my goals are to stay nourished physically and spiritually. My salvation isn’t limited to the utility of others. There are things I can and cannot do because they are how I am, how I am treated, and much is unchangeable. I believe I am a human being made in Gods image.