Star Wars Rewatching

Saturday 15th April

I got the Star Wars Saga (EPs 1-9) for a good price on blu ray in CEX recently. Not seen it since DVD so great to see it in hi Def at full bitrate. Lots of parallels to the rise of fascism and how the good people (Jedi) make many mistakes that contribute to it.

Last night I watched the Attack of the Clones. Tonight it’s episode 3 Revenge of the Sith. The biggest mistake the Jedi made was supporting and fighting a war for the republic. The didn’t know the emperor was an evil sith Lord and by doing his bidding they were destroying democracy. The Jedi thought they were protecting democracy.

Though bill by bill the emperor consolidated power by corrupting the Senate and controlling the judiciary. Eventually the senate became undemocratic. The Jedi became distrustful of the emperor but were too late and executed. The remaining Jedi relied on their faith in the force.

*Correction I should say Chancellor. He assumed the role of Emperor after the consolidation and full dominion of his power was complete.

Sunday 16th April

I’m continuing my Star Wars watch by finishing a New Hope this evening. One thing that struck me is “May the force be with you” sounds very similar to the “Peace be with you” I heard in Church yesterday.

It’s interesting that there is a similar ideology in the Empire in Star Wars as the dominant Roman Empire or perhaps increasingly Neoliberalism (The US Empire of capitalism) today. The Jedi in episode 4 are very much like the early Christians of the Roman Empire.

I could argue the Jedi in eps 2 and 3 are the Christians and non-believers today.Easily deceived and manipulated by the leaders of the increasingly fascist republic. The Obi-Wan Kenobi Spin off on Disney+ set before ep 4 shows former Jedi become fascist Inquisitors of the Empire.

In episode 4 we see Obi-Wan teach Luke the ways of his religion (the Jedi). When Darth Vader catches up with Obi-Wan he puts his lightsaper down allowing Vader to slay him. Obi Wan is an old man that dies as a martyr in front of Luke.

Obi Wan promised Vader he would “come back stronger than you can possibly imagine”. In ep 4, 5 and 6 he comes back as a spirit to the Young Luke. As we know Luke learns the force and defeats Vader with the rebels at the end of the trilogy.

In my faith when I suffer, the story of Jesus comes back more strongly than most people would understand. I believe he suffered on the cross for all of us. That often helps me carry on to start again for another day.