Gospel of Thomas

I’ve finished scanning my collection of old photos into my computer. There was a sermon in Church today on Thomas who doubted the resurrection of Christ but believed in his divinity once he touched his wounds. Sometimes the sermons lead me to do self-study on a Sunday afternoon.

As I scanned the photos I found the relevant Bible passage in John. Then I researched Thomas discovering the concepts of Gnosticism. It seemed to relate to my understanding of some buddhist teachings (which I find helpful) and Neoplatonism philosophy.

I then discovered Thomas is mentioned in New Testament apocrypha which is non-canon and I haven’t read at all. I then discovered the Gospel of Thomas. Lots of interesting commentary on this on some encyclopaedias. I could quite easily spend days enjoying researching this.

In hindsight I think researching philosophy and religion has sometimes made led me to appear unwell in the past. I enjoy seeking truth. If I had been doing this research in a monastery I might have been ok.