A Dogs Purpose

I watched the film ‘A Dogs Purpose’ today and it made me cry a few times. In this film a dog lives different lives and is reincarnated as a new puppy everytime the Dog dies. The dog has many good lives and sad lives. The dog has different roles from being a dog to a child, a police dog, a girls dog, an abused dog and a stray dog.

In many ways I could relate to how the dog felt in my own life’s experiences. I have had many different jobs, volunteer roles and homes in my life. I have been part of a few families through my own broken family and in the families of ex’s. The relationships always felt intense to me but like the Dog I was on the periphery.

When I was homeless in the hospital last year and then the hotel I felt like the stray abused dog. I wanted a family to visit me and even outlandishly adopt me into their home. No affection or kindness was shown to me. The world had become a very heartless place to me.

In the end I did learn to simplify life more. Having a home with warm water, heating, a bed, electricity, a washing machine and a kitchen with a refrigerator make life so much more pleasant. Good relationships are worthwhile but rare. Happiness can be as simple as sunshine and peace & quiet. Possessions can own you as much as they are owned. When you die none of it matters so appreciate life for what it is: temporary. We are all passing through.