Short Reflection on documentary

Tweet 1

Thank you everyone for expressing thanks for my short bit in #dispatches. I don’t feel up to replying to every one of you. I did spend more time in an interview for the documentary which didn’t make the final cut as there is simply not enough time.

The problem with a lot of journalism on these issues is that it is far too short.Too much of today has to be short and digestible for social media. Complex issues need more deeper coverage and exploration. What we are left with is much shocking exposure that leads to quick fixes.

I hope one day producers can have the opportunity to create full documentary films that can give the public and politicians deep insights. Newspapers could learn to write thoughtful features where they reason and deduct practice. I see too much lazy clickbait nonsense.

Tweet 2

I hope anyone watching #Dispatches tonight doesn’t come away with the impression that we just need safer psychiatric hospitals. What we actually need is care in the community and caring of one another so we don’t need hospitals. #love #kindness

I personally rely on the bible for love and support. It gives me guidance and tells me God cares. When I was in hospital my faith had to become stronger in order not to meltdown and be trapped there. Leaving hospital and settling alone was a similar journey.

To add this point. When you are trapped in hospital for months on end, it’s hard sometimes to know what is right or wrong, perhaps even up and down. There are a mixbag of issues in there that I can’t unpack in a tweet. We need community care not hospitals.