Easter Planning

Last year I spent Christmas alone as I have most years since my mother died in 2016. After being homeless last year, I welcomed Christmas day as a day to treat myself. I usually just eat my dinner on my lap from my bed watching Star Trek. For Christmas I bought a small foldable table in early December and quite a bit of food. I had a 3 course meal on this table, tomato soup, microwave roast beef dinner and chocolate cake. After going to Church in the morning I have fond memories of that day. I plan to do something similar on Easter Sunday and I imagine Church will have a service in the morning again as well.

Today I bought some microwave roast chicken dinners and an Easter Egg. I will probably buy some chocolate cake from Aldi too. I will pause my diet. Given how hungry my medication can make me, I have found it helpful to relax this diet now then even though it slows my progress.

Roast Chicken dinners and an Easter Egg

I prefer Easter over Christmas. Culturally it’s more low key yet in scripture to me it’s the most significant event. I’m hopeful the weather will be good as well.