6 Months Homed

I feel so on top of things now, it is bliss. So much of last year has been limbo from homelessness, sorting out this new home but at the same time being patient in getting there and now I have the cherry on top with my garden ready to grow some vegetables this spring/summer.

It’s 6 months today my tenancy started and I got my mattress delivered in the evening. I moved in the next day. I feel so much more upbeat today. Perhaps due to it being nice sunny weather as well. I’ve had such a big transformation in 6 months. I’m really appreciating what I have now. Perhaps because of being deprived so much last year. I hope for a pleasant summer.

I hope I can stay in this home for many years. I think I can be happy in this home. My landlord seemed responsive and reliable when I had issues with my boiler before. I’m also hoping my health will improve. I have been in psychiatric hospitals many times in the last 10 years. I have a lot more understanding now and believe a lot of it was not understanding I am Autistic. I also have struggles in fitting in this Neoliberal culture of capitalism.