Starting Gardening

A bonus of moving into my one bedroom flat in September is it has a small garden. As Spring is approaching I have bought a few medium pots and large fabric pots. I have drilled holes into the medium pots for drainage and then filled the pots with compost.

After a few days of filling the posts with compost I sown some seeds in my posts. I have planted carrot seeds in my large pot and cauliflower seeds in the other large pot. The other large pot will have my potato seeds once they have been chite’ed.

Carrots seeds in Large pot on the right

My potato seeds

Indoors I have planted some tomato seeds and strawberry seeds in a pot each to nurse for the next few months.

Tomato seeds in pot.
Strawberry seeds in pot.

I have also planted lettuce and spring onion seeds into 4 pots outside.