Running Week 1

I’m mainly writing this blog as a routine of keeping myself accountable and hopefully something to look back on and be proud.

Well I’m pleased to have complete my first week in returning to run. It hasn’t been easy. particularly motivating myself to get out there. The medication makes me so lethargic. Particularly if I take my Promethazine (PRN) at night. I get a wonderful sleep with Promethazine but it’s very hard getting going in the morning. I took it last night and almost didn’t go this morning. Somehow I managed to get it together and go!

The medication has caused some really bad hunger pangs like it did last night. I find the pangs are worse when I take the Promethazine. Last night I eat the last of the chocolate biscuits without much consciousness. A lot of my food has been replaced with healthy alternatives now so hopefully there is damage control.

Based on my measurements my weight has gone down 3.2kg (7 pounds in a week). My experience is this goes up and down but as long as the trend is down I’m happy.

Week 1: 1st Run Saturday 28th January 2023

Week 1: 2nd Run Tuesday 31st January 2023

Week 1: 3rd Run Thursday 2nd February 2023